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Xiamen Fishery Expo and Aquaculture Exhibition opened, showing the cutting-edge technology and products of the industry

Xiamen network news (this network reporter Shen Weibin) aquatic technology, aquatic feed, aquatic seedlings......Xiamen Fishery Expo and Aquaculture Exhibition 2021 opened in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center on June 25, showcasing cutting-edge science and technology of modern fishery and green and ecological physical products.




With the theme of "Science and Technology, Exchange and Sustainable Development", the exhibition will display products covering upstream and downstream products of the whole industry chain, such as aquatic food, fishery facilities and equipment, aquatic science and technology, aquatic feed, aquatic seeds and aquatic drugs.


Around the theme of "Enable Fisheries with Science and Technology to Revitalize Fishery Economy", the China (Xiamen) Fishery Green Development Summit was held at the same time. Experts and professors from scientific research institutions brought the cutting-edge technologies of aquaculture, shared the achievements of aquaculture development and contributed to the modernization of fishery.



Industry insiders said that the Xiamen Fishery Expo and Aquaculture Exhibition provides a good exchange opportunity and sharing platform for the aquaculture industry, and has a positive impact on promoting the transformation and upgrading of the aquaculture industry and the green and high-quality development.



Source: xiamen net

Posted time: 25/06/2021


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