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One hundred thousand doves of peace flew high in Beijing

On the morning of July 1, the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China was held in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. At the celebration meeting, exciting music sounded and the audience sang "Singing the Motherland". One hundred thousand peace doves spread their wings, and one hundred thousand colorful balloons soared into the sky.



The 100,000 peace pigeons released were collected and selected by the Beijing Pigeon Club. The pigeon clubs in all districts of Beijing began to solicit registrations in early June. As soon as the solicitation announcement came out, pigeon fanciers in Beijing enthusiastically signed up, and the reservations were quickly filled up, and I would like to praise the fanciers in Beijing!


In order to complete the mission of flying, and to celebrate the centenary birthday of the party to add luster. The Chinese Pigeon Association specially conducted intensive training for the release crews. Each release vehicle was equipped with a main flag bearer, a deputy flag bearer, and spare team members. Under the command of the main flag bearer, 100,000 pigeons flew high and the scene was particularly spectacular. It is understood that the pigeons who went to Tiananmen Square to celebrate the meeting were all the kings of pigeons who had been carefully selected.


The dove is a symbol of peace, and love for peace is an excellent quality of the Chinese people. People in the Chinese pigeon circle spent a lot of energy and made outstanding contributions to the release of the peace pigeon.



 Post time: 01/07/2021

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